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Jennifer Tull, Attorney

Jennifer Tull has always viewed the practice of law as an opportunity to find creative ways for clients make a fresh start in their lives. Throughout her career, which began in 1985, she has focused on helping clients make a smooth transition from being married to being single in the way that is most beneficial for their restructured family.

“When I first met with Jennifer Tull, I thought there was only one possible outcome for my case, and that was not a good one,” says one client. “Jennifer was not satisfied with that. Her creative problem solving helped us find a settlement that worked for my family at the time, and that continues to benefit us years later. As a result of Jennifer’s commitment to real solutions, I feel my children are happy and well-adjusted adults.”

Jennifer feels that too much emphasis is placed on “winning” family law cases, when in fact there are rarely clear winners when spouses wage war against each other. Instead, they needlessly inflict financial and emotional damage on each other and their children, destroying any chance for a working co-parenting relationship. Traditional divorce litigation requires spouses to focus on the past and assign blame for their current situation, even if the case is settled before it goes to trial. Spouses who instead focus on solving problems and finding solutions are better able to wish each other well at the end of the process, and that helps everyone – especially their children.

The introduction of Collaborative Family Law to Texas in 2000 expanded possibilities for divorcing couples to reach peaceful settlements. Jennifer quickly became involved in promoting Collaborative Family Law as an excellent alternative to traditional litigation and other, better-known forms of dispute resolution. She joined the Board of Trustees of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas at its inception in 2003 and served as its president from 2006 to 2008. She regularly teaches Collaborative Family Law to other lawyers, mental health professionals and financial professionals around the state.

Jennifer has been consistently recognized by the Texas family law bar  as a leader in her field. She was certified as a Family Law Specialist in 1990 by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. In addition, she has been admitted as a Fellow to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, an elite, nationwide group of family law attorneys. She has served on the State Bar of Texas Family Law Council and the Board of Directors for the Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists. Jennifer has written dozens of articles about family law topics and been on the faculty for courses offered to other lawyers by the State Bar of Texas, the University of Texas at Austin, and South Texas College of Law, among others.

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